"Evolving Lean Construction – Towards Mature Production Management across Cultures and Frontiers"
 Deadline for Submission of Full Paper is 15 February 2018.Deadline for Submission of Poster Abstracts is 01 February 2018.


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1) Each attendee grants the organizers and anyone working on their behalf permission to video record and/or photograph the attendee and, if a presenter, his/her presentation or poster at the conference, and to publish the photos or videos on the conference YouTube channel and/or on the conference social media pages, during and after the conference. Attendees who wish to withdraw consent in this regard, can do so by signing the permission rescind form for video/photo publication permission at the time of collecting the registration material at the registration desk of the conference.

2) Each attendee who is also an author of one or more papers/ posters accepted for the conference proceedings agrees to
a.   Sign one Copyright Agreement Form for each paper/ poster (available under Submissions page) to be published as part of the Conference, and acknowledge that any paper or poster for which none of the authors have signed a copyright transfer form will not be published in the conference publications, nor will it be included in the conference schedule for presentation.
b.  Undertake to ensure that at least one full conference registration is paid for every two papers/posters on which the attendee is listed as an author that are to be published and/or presented.